REM MT Ombudsman

The REM Mato Grosso Program Ombudsman's Office aims to strengthen the exercise of citizenship, reducing conflicts and improving related services.

Furthermore, it is responsible for receiving, filing, forwarding and responding; process and systematize the information obtained through demonstrations; prepares diagnoses and reports to support decision-making on the need for changes for the effectiveness and improvement of public policy management and compliance with the objectives of the REDD+ system, including ways to prevent and mitigate its negative aspects.

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  • At the slightest sign that something in the execution of your project is not going well;
  • If actions carried out at the tip brought any risk to communities, traditional and indigenous peoples;
  • There was a deviation from planning, affecting the beneficiary populations in some negative way;
  • To report environmental crimes and any other problem!
Reports are always anonymous

When filing a complaint, the facts must be described in detail, with the date, type of occurrence and location of the event.

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